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Wrightwood Surveillance BBB Business Review

What Our Customers Say:
“This company is great! I can’t say enough about the quality of their customer service and care. They helped me figure out how to set up my security network system when the company I bought the equipment from could not figure it out! They even helped me over an entire weekend to resolve my problem. These guys are fantastic and very knowledgeable. They know their stuff! For the best customer service, this is the place.”
by BBB Reviewer

“Have had really good experiences with Wrightwood. I’m a novice and needed quite a bit of hand holding with both the choice of products and set up. The team even spent time on the phone to help me set up the cameras on my network (they went out of their way to help be sure all was set up correctly). I had a small problem with one of the cameras, and they were immediately available to have me send it back for a replacement. couldnt be happier with the service.”
by BBB Reviewer